High Alumina Refractory birck

High Alumina Refractory birck: Al2O3 content is above 48%, Neutral, Good acid and alkaline resistance, Prolong the life of equipments.

Our factory produces fireclay brick, high alumina brick, ceramic fiber products, refractory castable, silica brick, insulating brick, paving brick and so on. The products can be made according with the customers' requirement. We can provide qualified goods, competitive price and excellent price.
High Alumina Refractory Brick
1. Made of bauxite clinker combining some clay.
2. It's chenmical characteristic is neutral.
3. Good acid and alkaline erosion resistance.
4. Take place of clay brick and silica brick to prolong the life of equioments.
5. Mainly used in blast furnace,hot blast furnace, electric fuenace, steel bucket, cement furnace, glass furnace and chenmical furnace,regenerator, stopper and water gap.