Corundum crucible

Corundum crucible, 1. Stocks at different sizes available, 2. Best quality, 3. Competitive price, 4. Raw material from GERMANY.

Corundum crucible

1. Stocks at different sizes avalible

2. Best quality

3. Competitive price

4. Raw material from GERMANY

Characters of alumina crucible and ceramic boat crucible:

1)High purity: Al2O3>99%, high chemical etching resistance

2)Temperature tolerance, at 1600°C for long term application, and at 1800°C for short term application

3)Resistant to sudden cold and hot, un-explosive

4)High density of slip casting, high purity alumina crucible, specifications of 99% corundum crucibles: 5ml 10ml 15ml 20ml 25ml 30ml 50ml 100ml 150ml 200ml- 2500ml


Product description of ceramic boat crucible



Squre alumina crucible

Chemical ingredient









Volume density (g/cm2)


Apparent porosity (%)


Bending strength (Mpa)


Compression Strength(Mpa)


Dielectric constant ∑(1MHz) 


Max. service temperature (.C)



Application of alumina crucible and ceramic boat crucible.


It is used to make TV powder, phosphor, rare earth materials, precious metals and an ideal roasting container to roast high, medium and low ceramic capacitors NTC, PTC piezoelectric ceramics and lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide powder.


Alumina (Al2O3) is a hard, chemically resistant material and has the ability to withstand very high temperatures 

in aggressive environments. We can offer Alumina with various purity levels, including 99.8% and 99.0%. 

The level of purity, grain size, and density required is dependent on the rigors of the application and the 

component configuration.



ItemTest ConditionUnit&Symbol95% Al2O399% Al2O399.7% Al2O3
The main chemical ingredient     Al2O3 Al2O3 Al2O3
Bulk Density   g/cm3 3.6 3.89 3.96
Maximum Use Temperature     1450°C 1600°C 1650°C
Water absorption   % 0 0 0
ROHS Hardness     ≥85 ≥89 ≥89
Flexural strength 20° C MPa (psi x 103) 358 (52) 550 550
Compressive Strength 20° C MPa (psi x 103) 2068 (300) 2600(377) 2600(377)
Fracture Toughness K(I c) Mpa m1/2 41734 5.6 6
Coefficient of thermal expansion 25-1000° C 1X 10-6/°C 7.6 7.9 8.2
Coefficient of thermal conductivity 20° C W/m °K 16 30 30.4
Thermal Shock Resistance Tc °C 250 200 200
Dielectricity constant 1MHz.25°C   9 9.7 9.7
Dielectric strength   ac-kV/mm (ac V/mil) 8.3 (210) 8.7 (220) 8.7 (220)
Volume Resistivity 100°C ohm-cm > 1013