Silicon Carbide radiant tube

Silicon Carbide radiant tube 1. High temperature tolerance, 2. Corrosion resistance, 3. High bending strength, 4. Oxidation resistance.

Silicon carbide has the necessary strength, temperature resistance and high thermal conductivity for radiant-tube applications at high operating temperatures. Silicon carbide is toxicologically safe and can be used in the food industry. Another typical application for silicon carbide components is dynamic sealing technology using friction bearings and mechanical seals, for instance in pumps and drive systems. Compared to metals, silicon carbide enables highly economical solutions with longer tool life when used with aggressive, high-temperature media. Silicon carbide ceramics are also ideal for use in demanding conditions in ballistics, chemical production, energy technology, paper manufacturing and as pipe system components.


Technical Parameter of Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide
item data
temperature of application 1380°C
density >=3.02g/cm3
open porosity <0.1%
bending strength 250Mpa(20centigrade), 280Mpa(1200centigrade)
modulus of elasticity 330Gpa(20centigrade), 300Gpa(1200centigrade)
thermal conductivity 45W/m.k(1200centigrade)
coefficient of thermal expansion 4.5K-1*10-6
Mohs hardness 13
Acid and alkali resistance Excellent


Rbsic (sisic) beams have superior characteristics, such as corrosion resistance, high temperature, tolerance, oxidation resistance, no dropping slags, superior thermal conductivity, high bending, strength, non-deformation for a long time service, etc.