Mullite insulating brick

Mullite insulating brick, Size: 230*114*65(75)mm, Al2O3: 45%~65%, Fumigated wooden pallet or carton package.

Our factory produces fireclay brick, high alumina brick, ceramic fiber products, refractory castable, silica brick, insulating brick, paving brick and so on. The products can be made according with the customers' requirement. We can provide qualified goods, competitive price and excellent service.
Mullite Insulating Brick
1. top thermal-insulating refractory brick
2. mainly containing mullite made of high alumina but low iron raw material with unique technology.
3. high compression strength, top performance, in high temperature, high thermal shock resistance.
4. low thermal conductivity, excellent wear resistance.
5. widely used in metallurgy, petroleum & chemistry industry, machinery, electric power, ceramic etc.
6. Ecnomical and long life ideal products.