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Refractory Brick Manufacturer

Refractory Brick Manufacturer, ISO certified manufacturer, Excellent service, Very competitive price, Stable quality.

Refractory brick
ISO certified manufacturer
Excellent service.
Very competitive price.
Stable quality.
We are an ISO certified manufacturer of refractory bricks in China's refractory base.
With more than 15 years in the production of refractory bricks, we have great advantages in the following bricks:
Fireclay brick, High alumina brick,
Silica brick, Mullite brick, Magnesia brick,
Corundum  brick. Silicon carbide brick,
Magnesia carbon brick. Various insulating bricks.

Due to stable quality, competitive price and excellent service, our bricks are the designated products for many domestic large projects and have been exported to many countries across the world. Please let us know your enquiry, we will offer you the right products with competitive price and technical assistance.