Low Cement Castable

Low cement castable, low porosity rate, high density, high compressive strength, high refractories under load.

Low cement refractory castable has the merits of high density, low porosity rate, good hot strength, high refractories and high refractoriness under load. It is strong in mechanical spalling resistance, shock resistance and corrosion resistance. This product is widely used in thermal equipments, heating furnace in metallurgical industry, boilers in electricity industry, and building material industry furnace.

Other refractory castable product is as following:
1) High strength castable.
2) Cement kiln refractory castable series  
3) Self-flowing castable.
4) Steel fiber strengthened refractory castable.
5) High strength low cement refractory castable.
6) Refractory guniting castable
7) Al2O3-SIC-C Slag resistant refractory castable.
8) High strength and wear-proof alkaline resistant castable
9) Mullite castable, corrundum castable.
10) Light weight insulating castable.   
11) Refractory ramming material.
12) Refractory moldable. 
13) Refractory ramming material.






Temperature when permanent linear change is ≤1.5%


105-110oC dried

Cold crushing strength Mpa


Modulus of rupture Mpa


Thermal shock resistance(times) (900oC water cooling)


Maximum working temperature