Monolithic refractory

Monolithic refractory, High quality unshaped refractory. For steel, cement, glass, ceramic,chemical industries, etc.

We are a professional manufacturer of monolithic refractory in China's refractory base.


Our refractory castable are as follows.

1) High strength castable.

2) Cement kiln refractory castable series   

3) Self-flowing castable.

4) Steel fiber strengthened refractory castable.

5) High strength low cement refractory castable.

6) Refractory guniting castable

7) Al2O3-SIC-C Slag resistant refractory castable.

8) High strength and wear-proof alkaline resistant castable

9) Mullite castable, corrundum castable.

10) Light weight insulating castable.    

11) Refractory ramming material.

12) Refractory moldable.  

13) Refractory ramming material.


We offer stable quality, very competitive price and excellent service.